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Bikers Crash Cards. Get yours here it could save your life!

Bikers all accept that in the event of an accident They are most likely to come off worse regardless of the other vehicles (if any) that are involved in the accident with them. The emergency Medics work they do is extremely challenging but miraculous in many ways. To help their job at the scene they have developed a life saving card they call Bikers Crash Card.

The Bikers Crash Card scheme is fundamentally a way to help paramedics to act fast best for you as a biker. In the event that a biker is involved in an accident it is highly possible the biker may well have lost consciousness, therefore a paramedic put forward a simple plan to allow bikers to help themselves in this situation. This has become known as the "Bikers Crash Card" The pack that you can receive contains a small card on which you are asked to complete vital information such as Next of Kin, and information such as blood group and any existing medical history. It also contains the contact details of a local Biker Solicitor in case your need help.

This card has already saved many lives due to the speed with which the paramedics can proceed to treat the victim.

The Crash cards are FREE to bikers and we would advise all bikers that you should carry one for your own safety. Just fill in the details below and we will send you one out free of charge to your home address. We hope you are never in the situation when you need it. But BE SAFE NOT SORRY.

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