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All4bikers.com has been online for nine years and counting. We are a one stop bike information portal, providing you the motorcyclist with everything from the latest motorbike news, the cheapest motorbike insurance, to motorbike forums so that you can speak to your fellow bikers for tips and advice. In fact if it involves motorbikes then the chances are you will find it on our site. We also cover Motorcycle Legal Help, Scooters, Parts & Accessories, Bike Hire, Motorbike Holidays, Circuit Guides and Information, Road Safety advice, Motorcycle Trainers, Biker Friendly Accommodation, Latest Manufacturers News, and much much more.

We also host the most used FREE online Motorbike Theory Test. You can practice your Theory Test online as much as you like before taking your test, knowing all the questions in our Free Motorbike Theory Test use the latest DSA Approved questions. Our Motorcycle Theory Test is FREE due to specialist motorcycle related sponsors.

We pride ourselves in the fact that we were one of the first sites on the internet to cater for the biking fraternity. Many have since come and gone, but we still remain, with an average hit rate of 800,000 hits each month. Reaching over 12 million hits per year, we year on year generate enormous traffic thanks to you the loyal motorcycle enthusiast.

In an effort to keep up with the times, we have redesigned all4bikers.com to be more appealing to our users. We are always looking for new ways to improve our site and make the site better for our users. We welcome any suggestions or comments that you may have.

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