MAG takes testing fiasco to Parliament

MAG is using its parliamentary connections to expose the lunacy of introducing the new testing regime before adequate test facilities are ready and there is now to be a thirty minute debate in the House of Commons on the introduction of the new test.

MAG rep for North Wales Rory Wilson has gained the support of his MP Mark Williams MP;for Ceredigion who has tabled the 30 minute debate for April 22. The debate will be held at 4pm and will provide MR Williams with a full 15 minutes to lay out the case for suspending introduction of the new testing arrangements until adequate facilities are in place. The Roads minister will then have 15 minutes to respond to the points made.

MAG is concerned that riders in areas ill-served by test centres will have to travel as far as 140 miles, possibly in foul weather to take their tests. MAG is also concerned that many training schools which are not located within a convenient distance of a new testing centre may go out of business.

MAG President Ian Mutch said: ‘At a time when so much emphasis is rightly being put on the need for good training to prepare new riders for the road, it is ironic that we should be prematurely adopting a new regime that is going to make fresh problems rather than curing old ones.’

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