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The proposal to introduce a blanket 50mph limit on 'A' roads is yet another knee jerk response that fails to recognise the nature of the problem it seeks to address, says The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG).

Latest official figures show that staying within a speed limit, but going too fast for the immediate conditions, leads to more than 5% of all recorded collisions, which is more of a problem for society than exceeding the speed limit, a factor in just 3% of collisions.

Like the other 40% of collisions involving an error of judgement or poor reaction, there is more to be gained by addressing vehicle drivers' attitudes and skills than dumbing down speed limits to the lowest level the DfT thinks it can get away with.

When speed limits are reduced below levels which make sense to people, they tend to ignore them and treat other limits with disrespect. MAG President Ian Mutch said "For some people there is a seductive attraction to the idea of ratcheting down speed limits on the assumption that the slower everyone goes the safer they must be. This logic fails to recognise reality or to find the best balance between reasonable expectations for mobility and safety. For motorcyclists, the main causes of death and injury lie with other vehicle drivers' and poor road surfaces, the government must deal with these issues and not look for smokescreens such as a 50mph blanket speed limit."

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