Mopeds deaths 'a forgotten issue', says IAM

A new IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) report reveals today that more than 250 16-year-old boys are killed or seriously injured in moped accidents every year - making them more likely to be injured or die while riding a moped than walking, cycling or travelling by car.

16 - the dangerous age for moped riders analyses almost 3,500 teenage moped rider crashes over seven years between 2000 and 2006. It finds 16--year-olds are riding mopeds with too little practical knowledge, which leads to them being over represented in road casualty statistics.

Neil Greig, Director of IAM Policy and Research said: "This is a forgotten issue. Sixteen-year-old boys are being allowed to ride mopeds with too little practical understanding of safe roadcraft or defensive riding skills, leaving them particularly vulnerable.

"The Government is currently reviewing driver training and testing. In the light of this report we believe that the way 16-year-olds are trained and licensed to ride a moped should also be reviewed." The report proposes a package of actions for making teenage moped riders safer. According to the IAM, the top three priorities are:

  1. 1.A review of the Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) programme that currently lasts for just two hours on road;

  2. 2.A "Think moped" campaign to tell drivers and teenagers where, when and why moped riding is risky.

  3. 3.A commitment to develop policing strategies that target illegal and reckless moped riders.

For more information from The Institute of Advanced Motorists please visit IAM

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